BK-YES2000 Digital Display Compression Testing Machine


BK-YES2000 Digital Display CompressionTesting Machine mainly used for concrete and other

material compression resist testing.

Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, space flight and aviation, colleges and universities,

R&D institution lines. The test operation and data processing meets standard requirements.

Model BK-YES2000
Max. Load 2000 KN
Class 1 Class
Testing Space Regulating Way Manual Ball Screw Adjust
Control Way Manual Control Load Way
Oil Source Control Cabinet Structure Form One-piece Bench Oil Source Control Cabinet
Range Of Test Force 4%~100% FS (80KN~2000KN)
Indicating Value Accuracy ±1%
Piston Stroke 50mm
The Largest Spacing Of UpperAnd

Lower Pressure Plate

The Largest Spacing Of Two Columns 270mm
Pressure Plates Size 250*250mm (L*W)
Display LCD Digital Display
The Host Dimension 900×400×1150mm
Power Supply 1KW/ AC 380V, 50Hz (Can Be Custom)
Weight 750 KG
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