BeDensi T series Tap Densitometer

Tap density is obtained by vibrating a special container loaded with appropriate quantity of powder at special frequency and amplitude, and then record the readings when volume of powder does not reduce anymore, after that divide the weight of powder by volume. Tap Density tester is a special instrument used to determine tap density of powder. It meets China National Standards GB/T 21354 - 2008 which is equivalent to International Standards ISO3953:1993 and meets The United States Pharmacopeial Convention. It consists of modules of timing, control, driving, and operating and such accurate and robust device is characterized by adjustable tap frequency (in order to be applied in different industries), easy operation and has become ideal tap density determiner in powder industries of metallic powder, non-metallic powder, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, battery, abrasive as well as scientific research fields.

1. Repeatability precision: ≤1%
2. Amplitude of vibration: 3mm
3. Frequency of vibration: 100 /min ~ 300/min adjustable
4. Maximum counter reading: 9999
5. Cylinder volume: 25ml and 100ml

BeDensi T1: Test one sample each time
BeDensi T2: Test two samples each time
BeDensi T3: Test three samples each time