Tubing Pump

Specifically for each size of the infusion tube design of the chuck, extend the maximum life of the tube.
Use of two pump head dislocation parallel infusion, in addition to doubling traffic, but also reduce the maximum infusion pulse.
The moment of the start of the infusion head and instantly stop the performance, more accurately controlled infusion.
2-4 pump head can be driven simultaneously, the connection is very convenient.
Leaving the external interface can be connected to the computer or external programming distributor, programmable manipulation.
Apart from speed instructions, there are three kinds of diameter hose flow direct instructions.
Special circuit design makes the operation of speed control is very smooth and precise.
Four large “LED” digital instructions to speed resolution of 0.1rpm.
The display can be easily connected to the programmable controller, the overall sense.

Type: ATP-3200
Display: four LED digital display
Speed range: 1-460rpm continuously adjustable.
Speed resolution (rpm): 0.1
Speed stability (rpm): ≤ ± 0.3
Flow rate (mL / min): 14 # :0.25-116; 16 # :0.9-430; 25 :2-1000; 17 # :3-1550; 18 :4-2060
Maximum fluid pressure (Kg / c): 1.5
Sample viscosity (cps): 2000
Sample temperature (℃): -10-100
Work environment thermometer :0-50 ° C, the relative temperature of ≤ 80%
The direction of fluid: positive / negative
Dimensions (mm): 120W x 230h x 270D
Power supply (V): 220 ± 15%
Power (W): 150
Net weight (Kg): 5.5

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