AE-11D(M) Photoelectric Colorimeter

New AE-11M & AE-11D are designed for simple operation with durable function and permit speedy accurate measurement in routine analysis. The optical system consists of the lamp, Hear-absorption filter, Lens, and Diaphragm. The light traversing in this system falls on the current generating photo-cell which actuates a direct reading microammeter(of AE-11M)or LED display(of AE-11D).


High Stability & Reproducibility: Wavelength reproducibility +/- 5nm
Economy: Consumes only 1.5ml of reagent
Dconomy: Sillcon photo-cell
Filter: 405,492,546,578,660nm; or 420,470,530,620,660(glass)
Wavelength Range: 420-660nm
Photoelectric Range Trafismittancy T% 1-100% in 100div, Absorption-log T 0-2.0
Photoelectric Accuracy: ±2T
Light Source: 6V 0.5A tungsten lamp
Indicator: AE-11M 250µA Micro-ammeter, AE-11D three-digit display
Power Supply: 110V or 220V AC 10W
Dimenslon: 280*220*122mm, 360*360*200
Net Weight: 3kg

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