44B Electrolytic Analyzer

This instrument is a complete set of equipment for the analysis of nonferrous metal by electrolysis. The suitable electrolytic solution and current intensity or breakdown voltage can be used to analyze the elements such as copper, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc, and achieve the purpose of quantitative analysis。

The main performance of the performance of the equipment is as follows:

Environment Condition

1 Parameters of air temperature 0 to 50 DEG C; the air humidity is less than 95%; the power supply voltage of AC220V/110V power frequency 50Hz
2 meter: an indication of the accuracy of the electric instrument is not less than 2.5.
3. The mixer: the instrument for electromagnetic stirrer using phase reversible motor device, in the normal work, its speed can be the solution from nearly stationary to produce a significant vortex.
4 electric heater: the maximum power of the electric heater is not less than 70W and can be adjusted.
5 line insulation: the instrument’s power line to ground insulation resistance is not less than 20M.
6 dimensions: wide x x xx 505 x 400 x 500 x (mm).
7 instrument weight: about 40 kg.
8 power consumption: Max 450W.

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