HINOTEK-Instrument in LAB.

General Lab Equipment

Biological Microscope     |    Stereo Microscope   |    Digital Microscope   |    Digital Electronic Microscope   |    Multi-viewing Microscope   |    Fluorescence Microscope   |    Metallurgical Microscope   |    Measuring Microscope   |    Polarization microscope   |    Inverted Microscope   |    Dissection Microscope   |    Jewelry Microscope   |    Comparison Microscope   |    Children Toy Microscope   |    CCD Camera   |    Microscope Accessory
Low Speed Centrifuge     |    High Speed Centrifuge     |    Hematocrit Centrifuge     |    Mini Centrifuge     |    Mini-Plate Centrifuge     |    ID Card Centrifuge     |    Uncap Centrifuge
UV Visible Spectrophotometer     |    Visible Spectrophotometer     |    Double Beam Spectrophotometer     |    Split Beam Spectrophotometer     |    Fluorescent Spectrophotometer     |    Infrared Spectrophotometer     |   Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer   |   Micro Spectrophotometer   |   NIR Spectrophotometer   |   Biophotometer   |  Flame Photometer
Artificial Climate Incubator/Illumination Incubator   |    Constant Temperature & Humidity Incubator   |    Biochemical Incubator   |    Co2 Incubator   |    Cooling Incubator   |    Heating Incubator   |    Mould Incubator   |    Shaking Incubator
Vacuum Oven   |    Drying Oven   |    Hot Air Sterilizer   |    Drying Incubator Double
Gas Chromatograph   |    Chromatographic Instrument   |    Chromatographic Pretreatment Instrument
Water Bath & Oil Bath:
Water Bath   |    Shaking Water Bath   |    Circulating Bath   |    Oil Bath   |    Sand Bath
Flame PhotometerHeating InstrumentDry BathIce Maker
Muffle Furnace (Resistance Furnace)

Medical Instrument

Portable Autoclave      |      Table Top Autoclave     |      Vertical Autoclave     |      Horizontal Autoclave     |  Vacuum Steam Sterilizer
Medical Manufacture Instrument:Clarity Tester     |      Disintegration     |      Dissolution     |      Drying Case     |      Fast Moisture     |      Four-Usage     |      Friability     |      Gelatin Gel Strenght     |      Hardness     |      Melting Point     |      Stirrer     |      Suppository Disintegration     |      Thaw     |      Thickness     |      Transparency     |      Viscosity
Freeze Dryer MachineBacti Cinerator SterilizerFreezerClinical Examination Equipment
Chemistry AnalyzerPlastic ConsumableVacuum Blood Tube

Lab Furniture

Biological Safety Cabinet:
Biosafety Cabinet (Class I)      |      Biosafety Cabinet (Class II A2)      |      Biosafety Cabinet (Class II B2)      |      Biosafety Cabinet (Class III)
Fume Hood:
Ducted PP Fume Hood     |      Ductless Fume Hood     |      Fume Hood     |      Walk-in Fume Hood
Laminar Airflow Cabinet:
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet      |         Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
Clean BeachCompounding HoodCytotoxic Safety CabinetOther Lab FurniturePCR Cabinet

Mixer, Vibrator & shaker

Mixer:Magnetic Mixer     |      Electric Stirrer     |      Vortex Mixer     |      Mixer
Shaker:Decoloring Shaker     |      Transference Shaker
Shaker & MixerVibrator

Test & Measure Instrument

Viscometer:Digital Viscometer     |      Pointer Viscometer     |      Viscosity Tools
ABBE RefractometerHand Held RefractometerMelting point machinePolarimeterTOC
CaliperMoisture MeterTachometerTap DensitometerBalance
ClockColor Test InstrumentDropping-Point and Softening-Point ApparatusThermometerCell

Vacuum Related

Diaphragm Vacuum PumpVacuum PumpWater PumpPipette
SeparatorOil PumpTubing Pump

Water Analyzer

Pen-type EC/TDS testerMultifunction Comprehensive Instrument SeriesOnline PH/Temp/EC/TDS MonitorPen Type PH MeterORP Meters
ElectrodeBench-top PH meterConductivity MeterMulti-Parameter MeterTitrator
Ion MeterDissolved Oxygen MeterPH/EC/PPM/CF/TEMP Tester (Stick)Salinity MetersThermometer/Hygro Thermometer
Turbidity MeterWater Hardness Meters

Biology Instrument

Homogenizer      |      Ultrasonic Homogenizer
Molecular Biology Instrument:
Electrophoresis      |      Electrophoresis Cell      |      Power Supplies      |      Related Products      |      Fluorometer      |      Gene Instrument      |      Nucleic Acid Purification System      |      PCR      |      UV Transmissometer
Other Instrument:
Glass Reactor      |      Multi-function Glass Reactor
Purification Equipment:
Rotary Evaporator      |      Rotary Evaporator Related      |      Sample Concentration      |      Water Distillation Apparatus      |      Water Purification System
Sample Preparing:
Digestion System      |      Microtome      |      Microtome Related
Separation & Extraction Instrument

Other Instrument


Fat AnalyzerFiber AnalyzerKjeldahl AnalyzerElectrolytic Analyzer
Agriculture instrumentHighway & Oil InstrumentCoal Related EquipmentBiochemical and Other instruments

Since our inception in 2002, HINOTEK has been a renowned supplier of laboratory equipment to the School, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical and Academic Research industries throughout the world. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services at an exceptional price while building a successful, long-term, personal relationship with them.

Our success and reputation are built upon the satisfaction of our customers, achieved through our commitment to listening to their needs and using their feedback towards constant improvement of both product and service.

Whether looking for something as small and simple as a Pipette or as complex as an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, HINOTEK is here to help. By providing a full range of quality laboratory products and expertise we simplify the purchasing process and offer the convenience and security of ordering all of your laboratory needs from one trusted source with an individual personally responsible for your satisfaction.