WB100-1(F)/WB100-2(F)/WB100-4(F)/WB100-6(F) Water Bath

1.Anti-dry technology.
2.Concave surface to avoid liquid.
3.no interface,no welding seam. stainless steel material.
4.Size of hole can be customised.
5.Bi-integral A/D converter.

Water Bath Technical Data
Tem. Variation℃ Model Power Tem.Distinguish ability ℃ Work Chamber Size
Room temp            99.9℃ WB100-1 300W 0.1℃ 16X16X13cm
WB100-1F (Prevent dry burn)
WB100-2 600W 0.1℃ 30X15X14cm
WB100-2F (Prevent dry burn)
WB100-4 800W 0.1℃ 30X30X14cm
WB100-4F (Prevent dry burn)
WB100-6 1200W 0.1℃ 45X30X13cm
WB100-6F (Prevent dry burn)
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