VGB-2/VGB-2Y Acrylic Glove Box

Acrylic Glove Box

Acrylic Glove Box – VGB-2/VGB-2Y
* Glove box is used to isolate contamination-sensitive materials in a controlled environment or to contain biohazards.
* Glove box is available in application-sensitive materials, including chemical-resistant and static –dissipative plastic.

Features: (VGB-2)
* Bench-top transparent glove box offers larger inert gas environmental workspace with vacuum air locker and side door.
* The Glove box is made of transparent polycarbonate for clear viewing from any angle.
* Polycarbonate construction affords resistance to a wide range of chemicals, high-impact strength and scratch-resistance and the smooth, hemispherical interior cleans easily.


Model VGB2(Standard) VGB 2Y
Material Plastic
Plastic Type Acrylic
AirLocker ChamberSize 240L*240W*240Hmm
Containment Chamber Size 900L*500W*500Hmm
Overall Size 1250L*500W*500Hmm
Net Weight 25kg 28kg
Pressure Controller No Yes
GloveBox Gloves Latex Glove(Standard)
Option 1)PressureController



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