• Microcomputer control, brushless motor variable frequency
  • Display rotor No. change RPM/ RCF directly
  • Imbalance protection, self locking, overspeed protection, speed no signal protection, motor holzer fault protection, high or low power supply voltage protection, over-current protection.
  • Fault automatic diagnosis and recognition programmable operation, automatic storage of data
  • With electronic door lock device, easy to operate emergency unlocking device.
Model TDL-5G
Max RPM 5000 RPM
Max RCF 4540xg
Timer 0-99min
Max Rotor capacity 100mlx8 swing rotor
Voltage 110V 60Hz/220V 50Hz
Dimension 450x600x360mm
Package 550x700x480mm
G,W,N,W 54/40kg


Description Rotor NO. Rotor capacity Max   RPM/RCF
Optical Swing Rotor 1 S0410008 100mlx8 4000rpm  3040xg
S0410004 100mlx4
S045008 50mlx8
S041524 15mlx24
S041032 10mlx32
S040548 5mlx48
Optical Swing Rotor 2 S0525004 250mlx28 5000rpm  4540xg
S055008 50mlx8
S051528 15mlx28
S051036 10mlx36
Optical Swing rotor 3 S041512 15mlx12 4000rpm   2950xg
Optical Swing rotor 4 A051512 15mlx12 5000rpm   3600xg
Optical Swing rotor 5 A055008 50mlx8 5000rpm  3630xg


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