Table top low speed centrifuge

1.The frame is 3 tiers protection steel jacket, and with the stainless steel chamber, inside protective steel lagging which is simple-compact, light-weight and low noise.
2.Adopt advanced CPU control system realizing microprocessor control, it can control rotate speed and relative RCF, digital(LED) display which indicates the current speed, time and RCF.
3. Brushless DC motor, no powder pollution, unnecessary to maintain, electric lid lock. 4.With many kinds of the rotor for your choice.
5.Over speed and imbalance protection, the centrifuge will stop automatically when the above situation happened, with short spin function.
6. Emergency locks under the bottom of the centrifuge which help you open the lid when power off.
7. It is consistent with CE security certification.


Max speed 4000rpm Max RCF 2950×g
Max volume 4×100ml Power supply AC 220V 50HZ 2A
Timer 0~99min Noise ≤55dBA
Dimension(DxWxH) 528×370×280mm Net weight 28 KG
Speed accuracy ±20rpm Package carton box or wooden box

Optional Rotors:

No Rotors No Max speed r/min Volume(ml) Max RCF(g
No31277 Swing out rotor 4000 4×4×15ml 2950
No31277 Swing out rotor 4000 4×6×10ml 2580
No31277 Swing out rotor 4000 4×100ml 2820
No31277 Swing out rotor 4000 4×50ml 2820
No30611 Angle rotor 4000 6x50ml 1820

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