Tabletop Freeze Dryer

The lab series freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying test of laboratory biomedical samples.

Widely used in drugs, biological products, chemical and food industries. On the heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, hormones and other biological tissue enzymes, freeze-drying technology is applied.


1.LCD touch screen.

2. With historical data inquiry function.

3. With USB interface to export the data.

4. Large capacity ice condenser trap and without coil inside.
5. With cascade refrigeration technology.
6. Pre-freezing shelf can be used as guide barrel to speed up the drying rate.
7. Ice condenser trap and operation panel are made by stainless steel.
8. Drying chamber is transparent which is visual and safe.
9. Shelves are stainless steel, which can be adjustable per the requirements.

Type Standard chamber Standard chamber with 8 port manifold Stoppering chamber Stoppering
chamber with

8 port manifold

Freeze Drying Area 0.12 m2 0.09 m2
Tray 4 pcs 3 pcs
Height Between Trays 50mm 68mm
Cold Trap Temperature ≤-56℃
Cold Trap Capacity 9.5L
Cold Trap Size (Diameter*H) Φ215*260mm
Vacuum Degree <10 Pa
Water Capture Capacity 3kg/24h
Tray Size (D*H) Φ200*20mm Φ180*20mm
Freeze Drying Time 24h
Loading Capacity/Shelf (Liquid) 0.3L
Total Loading Capacity (Liquid) 1.2L 0.9L
Drying Chamber Size (Diameter*H) Φ260*310mm Φ260*450mm
Total Qty. Of Vial Φ22 260 195
Total Qty. Of Vial Φ16 480 360
Total Qty. Of Vial Φ12 920 690
Refrigerant R600a+R290+R23
Cooling System Air cooling
Power Supply 220V/50Hz,60Hz (single phase)

110V/60Hz (single phase)

Power Consumption 1.3KW
Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz (single phase); 110V, 60Hz (single phase)
Standard Accessory Vacuum pump 2L/S, 8m3/h (for all models)

Conical-mouth flask 500ml*8 pcs (only for model BK-FD10P/PT)

Optional Function & Accessory Conical-mouth flask and wide-mouth flask(for BK-FD10P/PT)

Import vacuum pump

External Size (W*D*H) 640*610*550/810mm 640*610*550/950mm 640*610*550/990mm
Package Size(W*D*H)mm/

Gross Weight

Main Body 720*705*730(85kg)
Drying Chamber

/Vacuum Pump










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