SYD-8017A Automatic Vapor Pressure Tester (Reid Method)


    This instrument is made and designed as per national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T 8017 Petroleum Products- Determination of vapor pressure- Reid method. It can also be used to do determination according to ASTM D 323 Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method). It is used to make a determination of vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil and other volatile petroleum products. It cannot be used to determine the vapor pressure of LGP.
I. Main technical features
1. Single chip microcomputer technology. It has advantages of high automation, easy operation, and accurate test result. The technology is in leading position in China.
2. Advanced heating technology does separation of water and electricity meanwhile lower the height of water in the bath. No blind angle in the bath. It can save water and energy and also convenient to be cleaned.
3. Fully English operation interface. There are prompts under the bottom of each interface. Users can do determination by these prompts. When test finished, the system will make a sound to prompt and lock the test result. The results can be printed.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption:    1700W
3. Test bomb: Can do 3 bomb tests at a time.
4. Water bath temperature: 37.8℃
5. Temperature control accuracy:     ±0.1℃
6. Heating power: 1600W
7. Movement of bomb: Seesaw type
8. Pressure range: (0~200)kPa or (0~29)psi
9. Ambient temp.: (5~35) ℃
10.Relative humidity: ≤85%
11.Dimension: 600mm×500mm×512mm

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