Solvent Filtration Apparatus

Solvent filter is a regular device of chemistry lab, it is indispensable equipment for HPLC analysis. This device can also be used in instrumental analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide liquid filtration, petroleum, environmental monitoring fields. It can monitor and remove the particles and bacteria in the liquid.


* It is made of high quality toughened glass.

* With good press-resistance and leakproofness, it could be used for sterilizing at high temperature of 121℃.

* The PTFE type is acid and alkali resistant , corrosion resistant , can filter all kinds of aqueous solution , organic solution and corrosive liquid .

Model Funnel PoreSize ofFilter MaterialSupportScreen Receiving Bottle Membrane
SFA-50.1L 300ml 10 μm Pyrex glass 1000ml Φ47 or Φ50mm
SFA-50.2L 500ml 10 μm Pyrex glass 2000ml Φ60mm
SFA-50.PT 300ml 20 μm PTFE 1000ml Φ47 or Φ50mm
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