high-throughput tissue grinder

SCIENTZ-24 high-throughput tissue grinder adopts 4.3” touch screen display, the parameter setting is simple and intuitive, and the operation is stable. It is capable of quickly processing multiple samples at the same time in the fields of research institutes, universities, agricultural institutes, biomedicine, and food testing Professional setting.
This product supports the extraction and purification of raw DNA, RNA and proteins including soil, plant and animal tissues / organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, etc. Supports dry grinding, wet grinding, mixed grinding and homogenization. The closed disposable centrifuge tube effectively avoids sample cross-contamination. It has the characteristics of high repeat ability, good uniformity and sufficient grinding.


  • Supports placing the centrifuge tube directly in the adapter, and directly pre-freezing the centrifuge tube
  • The grinding process is completely closed, and the samples move independently to avoid cross-contamination
  • Built-in program controller, simple and convenient parameter setting
  • Using silent design to reduce interference to the surrounding environment
  • Equipped with a safety door lock, with the protection function of opening and stopping the stall, with high safety
  • Vertical vibration, more sufficient grinding, excellent consistency for multiple grinding of the same sample
  • Quick grinding of 24 samples in a short time


Model SCIENTZ-24 Frequency Setting 500-2500rpm
Power 220v/50Hz Jig Distance 20mm(vertical)
Rate Power 180W Sample Capacity 24 holes for 2ml adapter
Time Setting 1-9999s Display 4.3 inch TFT touch
Protection open cover protection, emergency braking function
Model SCIENTZ-12
Power 220v/50Hz
Rate Power 100W
Time Setting 1-9999s
Speed setting 500-2100 rpm
Data storage can store 50 sets of data
Fixture stoke 40mm (vertical)
Sample capacity Standard: 12ml 2ml adapter Optional: 6 holes for 5ml adapter
Optional: 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 50ml grinding tank Optional: Freezing adapter.
Grinding method wet grinding, dry grinding, pre-freezing grinding
Grinding beads φ3mm 316L steel balls (100 pieces)
φ6mm 304 steel balls (100 pieces),Optional zirconia beads
Display 4.3 inch touch screen
Protection open cover protection, emergency braking function
Dimensions 225mm × 275mm × 350mm (length x width x height)
Weight ≤12KG
Power 220V / 50Hz
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