JZ_RTS-200B Shaker

◆Three-dimensional self-balancing eccentric drive mechanism
◆Black and white segment type LCD display
◆Brushless motor control, long service life
◆With gating, forward and reverse setting, acceleration / deceleration time setting, motor power setting function
◆With power module failure, motor stall, Hall error, bus voltage under-voltage, overvoltage, communication failure alarm function
◆Optional RS485 communication

Model RTS-200B CTS-100
Working Size(mm) 420×450×340 420×450×340
Pan Size(mm) 400×370 400×370
Max Capacity  △100ml×16 or△250ml×12or
△500 ml×9 or△1000ml×4
 △100ml×16 or △250ml×12 or
△500 ml×9 or △1000ml×4
Standard features 500ml×3  250ml×3  100ml×8 500ml×3  250ml×3  100ml×8
Control Temperature 4℃~60℃ RT+5℃~60℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Heating Power 300W 300W
Compressor power 200W ―――
Oscillation frequency 40~300 rpm 40~300 rpm
Frequency accuracy ±1 rpm ±1 rpm
Amplitude Ø26mm Ø 26mm
Timer 0-9999 min or continuous 0-9999 min or continuous
Power 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 620×600×520 620×600×520
Package (mm) 720x700x620 720x700x620
G.W./N.W. 48/35kg 38/25kg
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