QB-128 Rotational Mixer

● Different pipe racks or two identical pipe racks can be mixed at the same time.

● With large capacity simultaneous mixing and small sample rotating mixing.

● Simple fixtures can be installed or removed quickly.

● Button-type speed adjustment, the mixing requirements of 10-80 rpm can be set freely, which is simple and practical.

● 0-120 minutes or continuous timer.


Power supply: 220V/40W
Operating temperature range: 4℃-60℃
Blending angle: Can be adjusted at will
Spinning speed: 10-80 rpm
Speed control: Stepless speed regulation
Time control: 0-120 minutes or continuous timer
Maximum mixing amount: 1200ml
Minimum mixing amount: 1.5ml
Dimensions: 290×220×360mm
Instrument configuration: One host and two pipe racks (two can be selected)

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