PS-372 boxing table

Product Name: PS-372  boxing table
Model: PS-372
Function introduction:

The 1 boxingtiming function

The function of 2 timer: the longest time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds

3 may select mode: single sound or vibration, sound and vibration 3 modes, each mode can be set to prompt the time

Section 1 of 4 batteries; battery of number 7 ( 1.5V )

5 dimensions: 57mm*44.5*23mm

6 window size: 35mm*20mm

Operating instructions

Press the SET button for 3 seconds and can switch machine, according to the timer pause,

1 click Settings button once English SINGLE flashing, then press UP select single or double set

In 2, and then click Settings button two times English AUTO flashing, then press UP select automatic / manual

In 3, and then click Settings button three times, press UP select sound / vibration or sound vibration,

4 then click Settings button within four words in the flashing, can be set to sound or vibration of sound time, press UP 01. 05. 10 seconds

In 5, and then click Settings button 5 times, the text in the flashing, press UP set laps, up to a maximum of 99 circle

6, then by setting the timing can be set to the time, the long time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds

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