Plant Canopy Analyzer


PCA-1000 Plant Canopy Analyzer is widely applied for farming

production and agricultural research, canopy energy resource investigation,

measure the light interception among plant canopy, and research the relation

between plant growth & development, production quality and light utilization.


* Integration design, it includes LCD, operation buttons, SD card plug and measure probe.

* Menu operation is easy, small size and portable.

* Large store capacity. Convenient data management.

* Low power dissipation with reasonable power management with automatically shut down and restart action.

* Manual and auto measure method are available.

Model PCA-1000
Measuring Range 0~2700μmol㎡/s
Resolution 1μmol㎡/s
Response Time 10μs
Auto-Collecting Interval 1~99minutes
Auto-Collecting Times 1~99times
Store Capacity 2GB(SD ard)
Meter Length 75cm
Probe Length 50 cm
Qty Of Sensors 25(standard equipped)
Power 2*AA batteries
Working Environment 0°C~60°C, 100%HM
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