PH-201/PH-301/PH-601/PH-211 Digital pH/Temperature Controller

Digital pH/Temperature Controller

Product Description

  • pH controller offers continuous and accurate pH reading. It also offers alarm when pH reading is out of the user preset range.
  • The alarm feature can be set for either high or low position.
  • Four LED digital display, a wide range of test and control, with high precision and accuracy. Equipped with a high-performance detection electrodes, long-term monitoring and control of water and the pH value.
  • AC voltage, 110V – 240V is optional.
  • There are two kinds of tests and test and control function selection.
  • This product has a long-term test pH value of the aquarium, etc., when the pH value is higher or lower than the set value, the automatic power supply for other devices, such as CO² began to supply CO² solenoid valve connected equipment.

Technical Specification

  • Environment: 0°C-50°C; RH ≤ 95%
  • Relay contact: 5A/110v-240VAC
  • Power Supply: Fit for all parts of the worlds

Display: 4 LED display


Model PH-201 PH-301 PH-601 PH-211
Measuring Range 0.00-14.00pH 0.00-14.00pH pH:0.00-14.00pH


Resolution 0.01pH 0.01pH pH: 0.01pH

Temp: 0.1°C

Accuracy ±0.1pH ±0.1pH pH: ±0.1pH

Temp: ±0.4°C

Set Range 3.50-10.50pH 3.50-10.50pH pH: 3.50-10.50pH

Temp: 0-80°C

Dimensions(mm) 150x85x40 160x102x40 160x102x40 130x65x40
Weight 580g 772g 772g 600g

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