ND-2 Bloom Viscosity Tester

ND-2 Bloom Viscosity Tester

ND series of instruments are used for detecting Bloom viscosity of gelatin.

Applicable standard
National standard (Food additive Gelatin)  GB6783-94
Vocation standard (Gelatin for medicine)  QB2354-98
Corporate standard(Thickness tester)  Q/12XQ0193-2010

A MPU is used to control all operations in Bloom Viscosity tester. It works in Bloom mode and the viscosity data is displayed by LED.
High-temperature accuracy. Even temperature of the bath liquid.
Using capillary and precise photo-electricity transducer.
Automatically calculating time and viscosity.
Auto-timing, auto-alarming, auto-testing continually.
Auto-preset piece number, auto-test hardness, display preset and real-time data alternately in time.
Automation : auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.

Test range:  (0~99.9) mPa·s
Test accuracy:   0.2mPa·s
Temperature control:  60.0℃
Temperature control accuracy:   ±0.1℃
Volume:   100ml
Volume accuracy:   ±0.5ml
Recital distance:   (152±2)mm
Time range:   (0~999.9)s
Power:  220V/ 50Hz/ 600W
Dimension:   (400×300×450)mm3
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