MP430 Melting Point Apparatus

MP420/MP430 Video Melting Point Apparatus, and MP450/MP470/MP490 Automatic Video Melting Point Apparatus, perfectly integrate video technology into melting point measuring. It not only provides users with reliable melting point test result, but also intuitively displays temperature curve and real-time video image, and achieves the function of save, replay the video,stamp video and so on. It also provides better help for users to observe melting process of sample.


Visual and Automatic Determination

It includes a color display to observe the phase transition, is equipped with a video camera and a video replay function which allows reviewing the melting point determination. It also suit for color samples, which tradition automatic melting point apparatus not available.

Available Testing 4 Samples Concurrently

Max concurrent sessions 4 samples each batch, record and track each result independently, meet FDA 21CFR part 11 requirements.

Multi-user ID Classify Function

Adopt User ID management function. Users ID are available for adding, deleting and jurisdiction setting.

All Screen Design

Adopt a 8 inch capacitive touch screen, with the brilliant Android system, let the operating easier.

Amazing Data Processing & Exporting

The methods, atlas and detailed result are available for storage. Connecting printer or all data export are both available.

Technical Data

Position Capacity 4
Magnification of lens 8
Display 8 inch capacitive touch screen
Temp Range 350℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temp Accuracy ±0.4℃(<200℃)±0.7℃(<300℃)
Temp Gradients Step-less setting at 0.1℃–20℃
ID classify 20
Camera&Video Camera&Video
Video Replay Manual
Model Yes
Graphic 0
Methods Storage Capacity 30
Rom Capacity 16GB
FDA CFR21 part 11 Yes
Communication Ports USB×3,RS232,Wi-Fi,RJ45


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