Model MP-2 Metallographic specimen grinding & polishing machine is equipped with double discs, and it can finish grinding or polishing with two different speeds. The rotating speed of left disc (pre-grinding disc) is 450 rpm and right disc (polishing disc) is 600 rpm. With double disc and different grinding and polishing materials, it can realize the process of rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and finishing polishing. This machine features easy operation and economical applying. It is the ideal specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.


Technical specifications

Diameter of grinding disc: Ø230mm, rotating speed 450 rpm (or customized)
Diameter of polishing disc: Ø200mm, rotating speed 600 rpm (or customized)
Motor power: 370W
Power supply: Single phase, 220V, 50Hz
Dimensions: 70 × 60 × 28 cm
Net weight: 40 Kg

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