LX-600 Mini-Centrifuge

Special new design centrifuge rotor with 0.2 ml x 8 x 4 PCR.
Standard configuration micro – centrifuge rotor with 1.5 / 2 ml x 8.
Standard configuration rotor adapter with 0.5 ml x 8 and 0.2 ml x 8.
Special design click mechanism that is easy to insert and switch the centrifuge rotor,
no need for any other tools.
Fashionable and small by design and a space savor.
Design philosophy is strong and long – lasting with many years of experience in manufacturing the mini-centrifuges,
guarantee durability and high quality
Design to fit many different kinds of micro – centrifuge tubes, upon closing, the rotor starts and the rotor will
stop once the cover is opened, easy to operate. 

Configuration:  1.5 / 2 ml x 8 micro – centrifuge tube rotor
0.2 ml x 8 x 4 PCR rotor
0.5 x 8 adapter and 0.2 x 8 adapter


Power:                                    220V 50HZ
Frequency:                                       8000 rpm
Centrifuge force:                                      3000g
Dimensions:                                    155×175×125mm
Speed control:                                   Auto – constant Speed
Drive mold:                                     Direct drive

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