LC-6S/LC-8S/LC-12S Low Speed Centrifuge

1. Various rotor.
2. Stepless speed regulation.
3. Safety lid-lock,open lid automatically.
4. Max.rotational speed:500-5000 rpm.
5. LCD display showing: RPM and RCF can be showed clearly.
6. Large capacity: 8 or 6 of 15ml conical tubes with screw caps can be placed.

Low Speed Centrifuge Technical Data
Model LC-6S LC-8S LC-12S LC-8P
(Cosmetic dental centrifuge)
Max speed 500 – 5000 r/min 500-400 r/min 500 – 4000 r/min
Max RCF 3074xg 2220xg 2220xg
Max Capacity 6*15ml                     (centrifuge tube) 8*15ml            (centrifuge tube) 12*5/10ml              (blood tube) 8*15lml           (centrifuge tube)
Speed regulation accuracy ± 30 r/min Built-in 4 programs
CGF:Highly concentrated growth factor fibrin centrifugal manufacturing
PRP: Platelet-rich plasma centrifugation
   APRF:High-grade plasma rich fibrin
Timing range 10s ~ 99min59s
Noise ≤ 60dB(A)
Voltage AC220V / 110V – 50Hz 5A IPRF:Injectable plasma rich fibrin
Power 130W
Dimensions 375*320*240 mm(L*W*H)
Weight 5.5kg One key operation
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