JZ_LC-06F Tabletop Low Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

  • Refrigerated centrifuge is melt housing, safe &compact
  • Microprocessor control, less noise and fast cooling
  • Brush-less frequency motor, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down.
  • The flexible axle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation and small vibration.
  • Many rotors for choice, suitable for different specifications meets customers’ different requirements of separation.
  • Digital display the speed, time and RCF.
  • Auto-electric lid lock, over-speed protection.
Model LC-06F
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Max RCF 6680xg
Timer 0-99min
Max volume 99h 59min
Temperature range -20℃~+40℃
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 740x620x780mm
Package (mm) 860x860x500
G.W./N.W. 170/130kg


Description Rotor No. Max speed
Rotor capacity Max RCF
Optional swing rotor 1 S0480004 4000 800ml×4 3450xg
Optional swing rotor 2 S0450004 4000 500ml×4 3380xg
Optional swing rotor 3 S0430004 4000 300ml×4 2920xg
Optional swing rotor 4 S040588 4000 5ml×88 2840xg
S0405124 4000 5ml×124 2840xg
Optional swing rotor 5 S040788 4000 7ml×88 3140xg
S0407124 4000 7ml×124 3140xg
S0407228 4000 7ml×228 3270xg
S0407160 4000 7ml/5mlx160 3270xg
S0407120 4000 7ml/5mlx120 3140xg
S041072 4000 10mlx72 3140xg
Optional swing rotor 6 S0510004 5000 100mlx4 4730xg
S055004 5000 50mlx4 4730xg
S0410008 4000 100mlx8 3020xg
S045008 4000 50mlx8 3200xg
S041048 4000 10mlx48 2880xg
S040748 4000 7ml/5mlx48 2760xg
S041532 4000 15ml/10mlx32 3200xg
S041524 4000 15ml/10mlx24 3200xg
S041516 4000 15ml/10mlx16 3200xg
Optional swing rotor 7 S049608 4000 2×4×96 holes 2490xg
Micro plate rotor 8 S049616 4000 4×4×96 holes 2840xg
Micro plate rotor 9 S044806 4000 2×3×48 holes 2300xg
Micro plate rotor 10 A061506 6000 15mlx6 3650xg
Optional Angle Rotor 11 A051512 5000 15mlx12 3080xg
Optional Angle Rotor 12 A051524 5000 15mlx24 3500xg
Optional Angle Rotor 13 A051530 5000 15mlx30 3830xg
Optional Angle Rotor 14 A055004 5000 50mlx4 2520xg
Optional Angle Rotor 15 A055006 5000 50mlx6 2850xg
Optional Angle Rotor 16 A055012 5000 50mlx12 3860xg
Optional Angle Rotor 17 A045024 4000 50mlx24 2970xg
Optional Angle Rotor 18 A0510004 5000 100mlx4 2630xg
Optional Angle Rotor 19 A0510006 5000 100mlx6 3130xg
Optional Angle Rotor20 A0410012 4000 100mlx12 2970xg


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