LAS-9023A Series Hot Air Sterilizer

LAS-9023A Series Hot air sterilizer

☆Mirror stainless steel chamber, with observation window on outside door, safe, convenient and easy operation.
☆Micro-computer control, LCD display, accurate and reliable. ☆Fast heating with forced convection, save more time.
☆Adopt over-temperature protection system, which will automatically stop when exceed the limit temperature to ensure safety.
☆With timing function,convenient for use
☆Equipped with leakage protector.


Model LAS-9023A LAS-9053A LAS-9073A LAS-9123A LAS-9203A
Voltage 220V, 50HZ
Temp. Range RT+5~250℃
Temp. Resolution 0.1℃
Timing Range 1~9999min
Temp. Stability ±1℃
Ambient temperature +5~40 ℃
Power(W) 650 1000 1500 1600 2450
Chamber Size(mm) 300×300×280 420×370×350 450×400×450 500×500×550 600×600×700
Exterior  Size(mm) 580×500×450 710×560×530 730×530×690 780×530×800 880×730×950
Volume(L) 25 54 81 138 252
Shelf         2pcs 3pcs