• L3230DIC Differential Interference Contrast Metallurgical microscopes are suitable for differential-interference -contrast-observation in the surface of un-transparent object and micro-observation in the transparent object. It equipped excellent UIS optical system and the notion of modularization function design, provide excellent optical performance and the update of the system. The product has the beautiful configuration, easy operation, clear image, so it is the perfect research instrument for detection and analytic of the precision engineering, etc.

  • Standard Configuration
    Achromatic wide field SWF10X(Φ22mm)
    Infinity plan achromatic objectives with long working distance (no cover glass)
    LMPlan5X/0.12 Work distance:18.2 mm
    LMPlan10X/0.25 Work distance:20.2 mm
    LMPlan20X/0.35 Work distance:6.0 mm
    PL L40X/0.60 (spring) Work distance:3.98 mm
    DIC observation system
    5X/10X/20X DIC  push-pull group
    Eyepieces tube
    Trinocular, Inclination of 30˚,Brinocular
    Epi- illumination system
    12V 50W, halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
    Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and (Y,B,G, ground glass) switching device. Push-pull type analyzer and polarizer.
    Focus system
    Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
    Quintuple (Backward ball bearing inner locating)
    Double layer mechanical (Size:210mmX140mm,moving range:63mmX50mm)
    Transmitted illumination
    Abbe condenser  NA.1.25  Rack & pinion adjustable
    Blue filter and Ground glass
    Collector for halogen lamp illumination and integrated field diaphragm
    12V 30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness