KXP-2E Remote Digital Inclinometer

I. Uses and Features

    The instrument increases the function of remote control, without timing, measuring at any time, the large capacity storage and other functions on the basis of the KXP-2D digital inclinometer.
    The instrument is designed to meet the non-magnetic area of engineering drilling, exploration drilling, directional drilling, etc. inclinometer and directional control during the construction and design of the measuring point digital compass inclinometer, measurable drilling angle, azimuth.The instrument can be widely used in engineering, hydrology, oil, coal, geology and other fields.
    The instrument consists of a probe tube and a handheld controller. designed to be portable; inclinometer probe integrated sensors, power supply, data acquisition, storage, computing, transfer function, hand-held controller includes setting, measurement, transmission, storage, data processing function as one, to fixed-point measurement hole vertex angle, azimuth angle, instrument, simple operation, suitable for use in field operations.
II. Main performance index
1. Inclinometer depth:  ≤1500 m
2. Parameter range and accuracy:  Angle measuring range: 0 ~ 50 °
                                                       Angle measurement error: ≤0.1 °
                                                       Azimuth measuring range: 0 ~ 360 °
                                                        ≤5.0 ° (when the angle at 1 ~ 3 °)
                                                        ≤3.0 ° (when angle 3 ~ 50 °)
3. Inclinometer probe tube diameter:   Φ40 mm × 1270mm
4. Hand-held controller Dimensions:   78 mm × 155 mm × 38mm
5. The use of environmental temperature: Inclinometer probe: 0 ℃ ~ 75 ℃
                                                                   Hand-held controller: -5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
6. Pressure:                                                 ≥20MPa
7. Power: underground instruments and handheld controller are a built-in lithium battery.
8. Measurement: without the need to set in advance, the downhole instrument can measure in place; can store about 250 sets of data or 1200 points of measurement data.
9. Data transmission: wireless transmission, remote control within a distance of 5 meters, smart switches, without opening the probe to work properly.

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