KD-XF Paraffin Trimmer

KD-XF Block Trimmer is used to remove excess wax from the outside of a tissue cassette and to clear the edge of the cassette of excess wax after paraffin embedding. This device features a ridged heating surface where the temperature can be adjusted in a range from ambient to 90℃. By sliding the outside of the block across the heated surface, excess wax on the outside of tissue cassette will melt and flow away from the grooves and the hole at the lowest point flows into a waste tray.  This block trimmer can quickly remove paraffin in order to properly seat the block in the quick release clamp or microtome vise to achieve the best section quality. This compact and well-designed device can achieve easy and prompt block trimming with precise temperature control by micro-computer chips and without messy wax sticking to the Teflon-coated surface.


  • Full computer automated control
  • Utilizes new type of heating elements that enable fast heating, energy efficiency and reliability
  • Temperature sensors are made in USA, precise and reliable
  • Automatically saves the latest operational settings
  • Memory and automatic restoration function: the preset temperature can be automatically saved after device
  • LED displays the heating status

Technical Specifications

Working area 230×160mm
Temperature Range: Continuously adjustable within 0 – 90℃
Temperature Control Precision  ±1℃
Electrical Requirement  220V±10%50HZ or 110V±10% 50/60Hz
Power 150W
Dimensions  255×175×155mm (W×D×H)
Weight 3kg
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