The JC-3000 automatic drain winch is a special winch according to the actual work of field drilling and logging. The winch used SCM control technology, LCD display mode, integrated intelligent control operation software for the mechanical and electrical design of the automatic drain winch. The winch with automatic cable arrangement, lifting and lowering well-logging probe tubes; with the function of automatic/manual, constant speed control, measuring point /continuous measurement, automatic depth correction, the cable tension display and overrun alarm etc. The winch specifications and features to meet the requirements using the People’s Republic of China Geology and Mineral industry standard DZ/T 0196.8-1997 logging tool General technical conditions “logging winch and controllers” shall apply in geology, metallurgy, coal, oil, engineering drilling parameters underground probe tube logging application, especially when more advantages in depth 3000 m.
I. Main technical features
1. With automatic discharge cable function, through a sophisticated combination of mechanical structures can be satisfied with the automatic discharge cable effect.
2. Using SCM control technology, LCD displays,the instrument has a high degree of automation mode, real-time information comprehensive, advanced technical indicators, constant speed control to achieve “DZ / T 0196.8-1997” A level standard.
3. The design idea of multi purpose, versatility, cable decentralization and upgrading with automatic/manual, constant speed control, point measurement / even depth correction, and other functions, suitable for different user logging requirements.
4. Reliable safety performance design, not only has the function of automatic braking suddenly loses power, but when the hand after lifting off, using positive shake rise, the reverse automatic brakes, safe and reliable.
5. Advanced instrument protection function, has the running process of the pull over gauge automatic parking protection function, ensure the underground probe tube and the safety of this instrument.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Speed range:   0 m / min ~ 30 m / min;
2. Depth range:    0 m ~ 3000 m;
3. Control:   integrated intelligent control panel;
4. Constant speed range:   0.5 m / min ~ 20 m / min, error ± 5%;
5. Display range:   0m ~ 9999.99 m, error ≤ ± 0.4 ‰;
6. Control:  automatic, manual, calibration;
7. Control direction:  up, down;
8. Measurement:  point measurement, continuous;
9. Cable specifications:   Fitted / plastic cable optional
10. Working temperature:   -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;
11. Power Supply:  AC (220 ± 10%) V, 50Hz;
12. Motor power:  2200W;
13. Net weight: 155kg (without cable);
14. Volume: Host   1040mm×880mm×640mm (length × width × height);
                     Control box   400mm×230mm×290mm (length × width × height).

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