HJ-A4 Thermostic Water Bath (With Magnetic Stirrer)


I. Uses:

This apparatus is designed for use in distilling, drying, concentrating and heat soaking chemicals or biological products.


Model No. No. of openings L*W*H Stirring position (separate control) Temperature range Power
HJ-A4 4 320*320*120 4 Room temperature to 100℃ 1000W


This product is of water bath type. Its diameter of the maximum opening is 125mm, Each opening is provided with 4 rings and 1 cover. The inner bath is of one – piece sheet copper to be molded by punching. The outer casing is made of choice sheet steel of high quality to be finished in spray lacquer. The gap between the outer casing and the inner bath is stuffed with glass wool for heat preservation. The heating element is immersed in water so that rapid heating can be obtained and power consumption economised. A metal regulator is also equipped for adjusting the temperature from 37 ℃to 100℃ according to requirements. These are for adjuster’s reference only.


Before the operation, add water into the bath. Warm water may be used according to the temperature required in order to shorten the heating time. The green pilot light illuminates the moment the electric circuit is switched on. As the heating process starts, the red pilot light illuminates. The operator should observe whether the temperature indicated by the thermometer rises to the required level. If not and if the red pilot light goes off, then adjust the regulator by turning the screw in the clockwise direction. The red pilot light will’ then illuminate and the heating process will start functioning again. By turning counter-clockwise, the red pilot light is switched 0ff, and the temperature cools down. If there is the only slight difference in the temperature between the required temperature and that in the bath, then slowly turn the screw so as to keep the bath in a thermostatic condition. If a temperature of 100℃ in the bath is required for distillation, then turn the screw to the end. The bath should not be filled with too much water in order to avoid overflowing when in boiling. On the other hand, the water added to the bath must be efficient to cover up the heating tube so as to avoid it to be burnt out and the fusion of the solder.


This equipment is operated on 220V.AC.A rubber 3-strand main cord is provided, of which the black one is for grounding. One of the terminals of the cord is connected to the floorboard of the outer casing, while the other terminal is connected to the longest and thickest pin in the 3-pin plug. When in operation, the ground wire for the 3-pin receptacle must be connected effectively. Generally, the pound wire is welded to the water pipe or to a galvanized tube of 2m long and 25mm, in diameter to be buried underground. BUT DO NEVER CONNECT TO THE GAS PIPE!


A small NHO-4 C bulb (60V. 0.5A ) is used for the pilot light of the regulator. After long service, it may be out of order. Screw out the ring of the pilot light, and then replace the bulb. When correcting the regulator, remove the Venetian blind. When repairing or replacing the heating tube and the regulator, remove the water tap and the regulating stem, then remove two screws secured on the base of the diaphragm so as to remove the inner bath and headboard.


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