High Performance Liquid Chromatography-BK1100

As a cost-effective product, BK-1100 series is suitable for use in the production or manufacture which needed to strict cost control.


*LCD display

*Front-mounted self-locking switch

*Small size, easy to place, save space

*Standard configuration USB portspace

Model BK-LCI1100 BK-LCG1100
High Pressure Constant Flow Pump Double plunger reciprocating pump 1 set 2 sets
Flow Range 0.001mL/min-10.000mL/min
Setting Step Size 0.001mL/min
Flow Accuracy ≤±0.3% (1.00ml/min, H2O,R.T.,8.5MPa)
Flow stability RSD≤0.1% (1.00ml/min, H2O,R.T.,8.5MPa)
Maximum Pressure 42MPa
Display Pressure Error ≤±3.0%
Pressure Fluctuation ≤1.0%
Power Dissipation 80W






Wavelength Range 190-700nm
Wavelength Repeatability ±0.1nm
Wavelength Accuracy ≤±1.0nm
Spectrum Band Width 8nm
Response Time 0.0s-4.9s
Linearity Range 1.8AU (5%)
Baseline Noise ≤±1×10-5AU
Baseline Drife ≤2.0×10-4AU/h
minimum Detectable Concentration 4.0×10-9g/mL(Naphthalene in Methanol Solution)
Detector Cell Optical Path–10mm, Volume–10μL
Light Source Deuterium Lamp
Power Dissipation 100W
Gradient Mixer / GM1100
Sampler Injector 1
Supersil ODS2 5μm ID4.6×200mm 1
Workstation (Without Computer & Printer) 1
Valve Mounting Frame 1
Kits Isocratic System Kits Gradient System Kits
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Optional Accessory Column Oven


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