GL-150 TDry Bath Incubator

GL – 150 Thermostat Incubator series (dry bath thermostat) are routine instruments suitable to the constant
– temperature cultivation, boiling, denaturalization and concentration analysis of micro samples in the
experiments of life sciences, bioengineering, microbe, and medical clinic.  This series is highly precise
and uniform in constant temperature with no dead angles and fully eliminates the unevenness of water bath
temperature fluctuation.

This is a new updated dry thermostat with small design and a space saver.  It is equipped with touch control buttons
  The setup temperature and the real time temperature is easily displayed.  It is viewed as elegant and clean
.  The aluminum heating plate is easy to replace.  The heating plate is available with different sizes to fit different tubes.


Temperature range:                 Room temperature of 5 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius
Display accuracy:               Approximately 0.1 degrees Celsius to 0.5 degrees Celsius
Maximum capacity:       150 W
Test tube base:         95 x 25 x 50 mm

Dimensions:    200x x 180 x 100 mm
Standard setting:         .5 ml (35 tubes), 1.5 ml (24 tubes)

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