Gel Document Imaging System

Gel Document Imaging System is used for gel band observation and analysis after electrophoresis run by using software technology and the band picture can be zoomed in or zoomed out according to user’s requirements. 


* CCD with lower lux and high-resolution

* Six time zoom lens and simple to enlarge and shrink gel photos

* A multi-layer gel-filter effectively filters background noise

* The gel can be placed in the center position by the indicator.

* Intelligent control box:

  1. The zoon, focus, aperture, UV light and white light can be controlled through panel key and computer.
  2. The UV light can shut down when the door is opened and reactivate when the door is shut
  3. The UV light protection system can shut down the lights with 15 minute delay automatically.
  4. Drawer-style gel platform.
Model BK04S-3C  BK04S-3E
Effective Pixels 1280*1024  2560 *1920
Pixel Density 10 bit
Pixel Size 5.4*5.4μm
Resolution 1.4 megapixels  5.0 megapixels
Signal To Noise Ratio ≧56db
Sensitivity Can detect the double chain DNA of EB staining below 20pg
Camera Low illumination and high resolution digital CCD
Zoom Lens F=1:1.2,2/3 inch 6 times zoom lens
Filter 590nm
UV Light Transmission Area(W*L) 250*200mm
Visible Light Transmittance Area(W*L) 250*210mm
Transmission UV Wavelength 302nm
Reflectance UV Wavelength 254, 365nm
Transmission UV Lamp Power 8W
Reflectance UV lamp Power 11W
External Size(L*W*H) 470*405*820mm
Package Size(L*W*H) Main machine:710*760*1390mm,Accessory:420*320*330mm
Gross Weight Main machine:61kg,Accessory:2.5kg


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