ET-H2 Horizontal Electrophoresis tank

The ET-H2 is ideal for restriction fragment analysis, sample prep or checking of high numbers of samples.  


* Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects, but also keeps the pH Value stable during the whole experiment process.

* Dismountable electrodes make maintenance easily.

* Sample background color design, adding the sample conveniently.

* The PC transparent top lid prevents liquid volatilization and electricity leakage.

* Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed

* Recommended power supply: BPS-2/ BPS-3

Model ET-H2
Gel Trays(W*L) 60*60mm; 120*60mm; 60*120mm 120*120mm
Comb Thickness 1&1.5mm
Comb Throughput 1,2,3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 18 ,25 samples
NO. of Samples 1~100
Buffer Volume 550ml
Standard Accessories Body tank with electrode*1, Gel tray 120*120mm*1, Gel tray 120*60mm*1,

Gel tray 60x120mm*1, Gel tray 60*60mm*2, Gel box*1, Leveling feet*1

1.5mm thickness 1/2/3 wells comb*1, 1.0mm thickness 6/13 wells comb*2

1.0mm thickness 8/18 wells comb*2, 1.0mm thickness 11/25 wells comb*2

External Size(L*W*H) 300*160*75mm
Package Size(L*W*H) 460*250*200mm
Gross Weight 2kg

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