BKDSC-750L Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Using liquid nitrogen refrigeration, the instrument can reduce the temperature of liquid nitrogen by controlling the flow of liquid nitrogen, and the temperature can be reduced to -150℃. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), as a classical thermal analysis method under controlled program temperature, has been widely applied in various fields such as research and development, process optimization, quality control, quality control and failure analysis in various fields of materials and chemistry.

1. Industrial wide screen touch structure shows rich information, including setting temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow rate, nitrogen flow rate, differential heat signal and various switch states.

2. Using liquid nitrogen refrigeration, the temperature can be reduced to -150℃.

3. USB communication interface, versatility, reliable signal without interruption, support self recovery connection function.

4. The structure of the furnace is compact and the temperature and temperature rate can be adjusted at any rate.

5. The installation process has been improved, and all the mechanical fixations are adopted to completely avoid the pollution of the colloid in the furnace body to the differential heat signal.

6. Double temperature probe ensures high repeatability of sample temperature measurement.

7. The digital gas mass flowmeter automatically switches two air flow, the switching speed is fast, and the stable time is short.

8. Marking standard samples to facilitate customer correction of temperature coefficient.

9. Software adaptively each resolution computer screen; support the notebook, desktop, support WIN2000, XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and other operating systems.

10. Support user self programming program to achieve full automation of measurement steps. The software provides dozens of instructions, and the user can flexibly combine the instructions and save the instructions according to their measurement steps. Complex operations are simplified as one – key operation.

Model BKDSC-750L
 Test principle  heat flow software compensation type
Temperature range -120 to 700℃
 Calorimetric sensitivity  0.1uW
Calorimetric precision   0.5%
Calorimetric accuracy ±1%
Temperature accuracy   ±0.1℃
Temperature resolution  ±0.01℃a
 Temperature sensor  K thermocouple
 Maximum heating rate 30℃/min
 Furnace material  Pure silver
 Test gas automatic control Built in gas quality control and switchover device. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen or other inert or active gases can be used in full range.


Temperature control mode  Heating, constant temperature, cooling, and circulating temperature control (automatic control of the whole program)
 Curve scanning  Heating scan
Display mode 24bit color, 7 inch LED touch screen display
 Data interface USB standard interface, the corresponding operation software
Standard parameters  Equipped with standard calibration, with a key calibration function, the user can calibrate the temperature
Working power supply  AC220V  50Hz/60Hz


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