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on-line vacuum degassing


DG on-line vacuum degassing
The DG Serial Mobile Phase On-line Vacuum Degassing Systems
The system can continuously remove dissolved gases from the mobile phase; eliminate flow instabilities and noisy drifting baselines. Oxygen interference with electrochemical, fluorescence and UV detections is eliminated. The system is available in 2,3& 4-channel types.Working Theory
The on-line degasser is connected between the mobile phase reservoir and the HPLC pump. The mobile phase flows into the degasser by its entrance. It flows in the permeable membrane tubing which has gas permeability, the tubing is placed in the vacuum chamber. The gas in the mobile phase infiltrates continuously through tubing wall so that it can reach the purpose of on-line degassing for the mobile phase. The degassed mobile phase is transferred into the HPLC pump by the no oxygen tubing.
Suggestion: It will have a better effectiveness of the fixing of the mobile phase that after it is degassed by the AS3120A Ultrasonic cleaner of our company.DG-ON-LINE DEGASSING SYSTEM SPECIFICTIONS
Number of channels: 2、3 or 4
Internal Volume/channel: 15ml
Maximum Flow rate/channel: 10ml/min
Maximum Pressure/channel: 5psig
Dimensions: 440L×160W×230H(mm)
Weight: 6Kg
Power: 50/60HZ、220V/110V

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