CS-610A/610B Spectrophotometer

● Obtained China Metrology Accreditation Certificate
● Large TFT display screen
● Uses LED light source,has long servise-life
● Energy saving design,high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery
● Can measure both SCI(specular included) and SCE(specular excluded) at the same time

Spectrophotometers CS-610A/610B

High performance-price ratio among similar international products
● As China’s spectrophotometer,CS-600 integrates multiple innovative technical characteristic ,
and extends the boundary of on-site color quality control during production
● It can be appplied to laboratories,factories and on-site operations,and can achieve the best color management across all application fields quality control;
● Allows quick comparision between two color sample,and shows clear results in numbers or in graphs.
● Allows medium and small companies to obtain high performance color management system with relatively low price;
● The software contains all necessary color equations,standard light sources,and a large number of standards for specific industries and applications;
● Operation system supports both English and Chinese interfaces, and we offer to design the interface in other languages based on the need of our customers.

Professional design, powerful instrument functions

● Professional horizontal design, and it does not have any moving parts,which avoids the shaking of the instrument
during measurement process.This makes the measurement more accurate;
● PC software for easy measurement data management;
● Different measurement cailber for CS-610A and CS-610B. Testing ports for the two intruments are to the left.
● Can measure both SCI and SCE at the same time.
● Large data storage space:can store up to 100 sets of standard samples,with up to 200 measurement records for each standard sample.

Product Characteristics

Model CS-610A CS-610B
Illumination/observation System 018 (diffvse<l tight. 8° reception,SCl/SCE)
Sensor Photoelectric diodeatray
Integrating sphere diameter 40mm
wavelength range 400nm – 700nm
wavelength interval 10nm
Half ban<lwidth <=14nm
Range of reflectance 0- 175%, rooolution:0. 01%
Light source Composite LEDs
Measuring time About 1.5 seconds
Measuring  caliber 8mm   I 4mm; we can customizeit for individualusers
Repeatability The standard deviation within  ae·ab   0.03, the $tandard devialion within 0.2%
Inter nstrument agreement Wrthin ΔE•ab 0.4 / standard colot boards
Languages Chinese and English
Standard observet 2″ and 10°
Observation tightsouroe A. C.050.065.F2.F6.F7,F8.F10,F11,F 2 (can select YO light soorces for display at the same time)
Displayed contents Spectraldata, spectral Chart,chromalie varues, chromatic aberration va ue, pass I faiJ,cotor simulation
Color space J standards L*a*b*, L*c*h. Δe ab (CIE1976), ΔEch, ΔE*94 (CIE1994), ΔEOO (CIE2000), CMC (1:1).CMC (2:1),Yxy,XYZ. WI(ASTM E313/CIE).
YI(ASTM E313/ ASTM 01925).ISO brighflless (ISO 2470).Destiny status NT. CIEOO. WI/Tint
Data storage 100 x 200 (100 sets of standard samples,up to 200 measurement records under each standard sample)
Port USS 2.0
Power source Detachablelithium-ion bal1ery pack;DC adapter
Operation temperature  and humidity range 5 to 40°C. relative humidity 80% or less (at 35°C) \!Jith nocondensation
Storage temperature and humidity range 0 to 4 otc.relative humidity 80% or less(at 35tC) \vith nocondensation
Disp ay 2.8 ..fnch TFT oolor screen
Accessories Black and white calibration bo)t
Optiooal acoossories Mini-printer
UV flourenscent Without UV
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