Cryostat Microtome


* Low-voltage DC shadowless lamp

* Hearable and removable glass door

* Auto sleep function results in longer compressor life

* Keyboard locking function to avoid accident misoperation

* A trim button allows easy switching between trim and section mode

* Counting function for the number of sections and the total thickness

* Specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade damage

* A large-size quick-freezing shelf allows for the preparation of 17 specimens at the same time

* A mechanical hand-wheel lock ensure safe chamber access, 16 position for locking

* The desirable section temperature achieves within 20 minutes unser fast cooling mode

* Temperature sensor self-detection function helps to warn the failure on temperature sensor

* The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables easy changing of the blade

* Microtome is outside of the refrigeration chamber to avoid the effect of heat-expansion and cold-contraction, thus minimizing the need for maintenance

Model BKCM-295(BK-2318)
Section Thickness Range 1~100μm

Increments 1μm

Increments 2μm

Increments 5μm

Timing Thickness Feed 10~400μm

Increments 5μm

Increments 10μm

Increments 50μm

Chamber Temperature -10℃ ~ -40℃
Specimen Head Temperature -10℃ ~ -40℃
TimeToReach -40℃OfTheQuick-freezeShelf 60min
LowestPossibleTemperatureOfThe PeltierElement -45℃
LowestPossibleTemperatureOf The PeltierElementTogetherWithQuick-freezeShelf ≤ -60℃
Display LCD display of sections and the total thickness,section thickness,specimen retraction value,temperature setting,data,time,temperature and on/off timer
Compressor Quantity 2
Refrigeration Type Forced cryogenic refrigeration system

Semiconductor refrigeration can be turned on and off

Refrigerant R404a
Specimen Orientation  XY – 8°
Specimen Clamp Rotation At any angle within 360°
Running time of the Peltier Element 15min
Maximum Specimen Size 35mm*35mm
Specimen Vertical Stroke 60mm
Specimen Horizontal Stroke 20mm
Electric Coarse Feed Rapid 0.7mm/s; Slow 0.35mm/s
Compressor Compressor
Specimen Retraction Distance 0~100μm, in 5μm increments
Consumption 850W
Power Supply AC220V±10%,50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10%,60Hz
External Size(W*D*H) 660*640*1130mm
Packing Size(W*D*H) 790*790*1370mm
Gross Weight 170kg
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