Thermal Cycler

BK-EO Features

* Intuitive interfaces

* Superior performance

* Multiple temperature control modes

* Gradient function thermal cycler

* Smart block

* Three modes of operation for your choice

BK-TC Features

*  Higher precision of temperature control

* Faster heating and cooling speed

* Better block temperature uniformity

* Smaller instrument dimension

* More silent operation environment

* Advanced thermoelectric cooling technology and creative TAS technology

Sample Capacity 96-PCR plate(full-skirted)

96*0.2ml tubes


Cooling Technology Peltier-based
Display LCD display and touch creen(5.7 inch) 6.5 inch, 262 144 color LCD display and touch screen
Temp. Range 4.0~99.9℃
Heating Speed Of Ramping Up to 4℃/sec
Cooling Speed Of Ramping Up to 4℃/sec
Temp. Uniformity ≤±0.3℃ ≤±0.2℃
Temp. Accuracy ≤±0.1℃(50℃), ≤±0.2℃ (≥90℃)
Temp. Control Modes BLOCK or TUBE
Ramping Range Adjustable 0.1℃~4℃
Memory ≥250 typical programs onboard, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
Max. No. Of Cycle 99. Suitable for nested PCR
Time Up/Down 0~9 min59s, suitable for long PCR
Temp. up/down 0~9.9℃,suitable for touchdown PCR
Auto Pause/Power Protection yes
Soak Function Yes
Gradient Range Of Temp. Difference 1~30℃
Gradient Range 30~99.9℃
Hot-lid Temp. Range Room temperature +5℃~110℃(default 105℃)
Height Of Hot-lid Automatic Adjusted
Auto Shut-off Function Of Hot Lid While block temperature is lower than set temperature or program ends, the hot-lid will be automatically closed
Communication Interface USB LAN
Power Supply 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 600W
Dimension 335*260*270mm 345*260*270mm
Packing Size(L*W*H) 495*410*395mm 495*410*395mm
Gross Weight 10.5kg 12.5kg
Certificates Ferrotec Peltier/CE/RoHS2.0


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