BE-6100 Micro-plate Mini Centrifuge

This micro – plate mini – centrifuge is small, economic and it is the first
instantaneous centrifuge in China
with a design of 96 micro-plates.  There is a lot of micro plate centrifuges in the market.  Many of which takes
up a lot of space in the labs.  Our mini-centrifuge has a unique small design with dimensions of 210 x 190 mm. 

With this product, the micro – plate is designed to be inserted into the centrifuge rotor vertically from the top.
The liquid will stay at the bottom of the micro plate because of the surface tension effect which prevents from
any type of leakage.  By pressing the button at the front, the rotor speed will immediately max out at 2500 rpm

per minute.  Upon release of the button, the rotor speed will stop.


Capacity:                                    2 pieces of 96 PCR plate
Frequency:                                        2500rpm
Centrifuge force:                                        500g
Rotor:                                     Vertically fixed
Overall dimensions:                                   210×190×190mm
Voltage:                                  120 V or 230 V , 50 – 60 HZ
Weight:                                            3 kg

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