BK-P1 Series

Automatic Polarimeter


* LCD Display

* Photoelectric test and microcomputer control.

* Preheating is not needed. (Only for BK-P1 and BK-P2 Model)

* Dark-colored sample can be measure. (Only for BK-P1 and BK-P2 Model)

* Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root

* Sample chamber adopts constant temperature designing in order to reduce the temperature heating influence.

Model BK-P1 BK-P2 BK-P3
Light Source LED lamp Sodium lamp
Measuring range ±45°(optical rotation) /±120° Z(sugar)
Wavelength 589nm
Readable Accuracy 0.001°(optical rotation) 0.001°(optical rotation)0.01°Z(sugar)
Measuring Accuracy ±0.01°(-15°≤optical rotation≤﹢15°) ±(0.01+measurement value*0.05%)°(optical rotation)
±0.02°(optical rotation<-15°or optical rotation>﹢15°)
Repeatability 0.002° (optical rotation) ≤0.003° (optical rotation)
Sample Transmittance >1% /
Temperature control range / 15~30℃ /
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ /
Test mode Optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar degree
Test tube 200mm,100mm 200mm,100mm,100m

m(Constant Temperature tube)

Interface USB&RS232 RS232
Power supply AC110/ 220V±10%, 50/60HZ
External size(W*D*H) 690*370*280mm 570*350*280mm
Package size(W*D*H) 850*500*470mm 730*480*470mm
Gross Weight 38kg 36kg


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