AM-6250C Magnetic Stirrer

Microprocessor PID control temperature control accuracy is greatly improved, and on the red small

AM-PT100 sensors can be connected directly control the temperature of the solution within the container. Temperature range up to 350 ℃

Self-tuning function with a user-operable, according to the solution container and solution conditions, the instrument is adjusted to optimal performance.

Press the blue panel on the temperature setting button, LED digital display set temperature, actual temperature is automatically displayed after a few seconds.

The use of DC speed motor-driven stirring

Knob to adjust the speed, simple operation and fast.
Speed 0 to 1700rpm continuous adjustable speed is stable and not affected by voltage variations
Heating coil made of aluminum alloy external spraying Teflon material, significant thermal effects, anti-cold and hot corrosion resistance.

The bottom of the heating coil with double insulation design to fully enhance the thermal efficiency, to avoid the heat to the chassis.

Reversible function in AM-6250C

Type:  AM-6250C
Speed (rpm) : 0-1700
Mixing volume (L): 5 ~ 10
Control Temperature (℃): room temperature -300
Heating plate of the highest temperature (℃):   350
Temperature control mode: digital
Temperature Accuracy (° C):  ± 0.5
Outside PT-100 sensor:
Without reversing function:
Heating coil diameter (mm): 150
Maximum heating power (W): 300 ~ 420
Power supply (V / Hz): 220/50
Dimensions (mm): 198W x 225D x 115 H-
Weight (Kg):  2.4

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