JY96-IIN Series Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic Homogenizer


1.With new software central microcomputer centralized control.
2. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display
3.Ultrasonic power step with 1% continuous adjustable.
4. With pulse and continuous operation, and with test function
5. Ultrasonic time, gap time, and total time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds.

Main Technical Parameters:

Frequency 20-25 KHz 20-25 KHz 20-25 KHz 20-25 KHz
Adjustable Power range 150 W(5%-99%) 650 W(5%-99%) 900 W(1%-99%) 900 W(1%-99%)
Accompany Tip (Φ) 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm
Optional Tip (Φ) 3 mm 3 mm 2,3,10,12,15 mm 2,3,10,12,15 mm
Processing Volume 10-100 ml 10-200 ml 0.5-500 ml 0.5-600 ml
Duty Ratio 1-99 % 1-99 % 1-99% 0.1-99.9%
Temperature Alarm No No No 0.1-99℃(Prevent sample overheating)
Alarm time overload time overload time, overload time,temperature,overload
Power Supply 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz
The size of Power Supply Chassis 430*255*300(mm) 430*255*300(mm) 430*255*300(mm) 430*255*300 (mm)
The weight(The host and transducer) 9.3 Kg 9.8 Kg 14 Kg 14.2 Kg
The size of Sound Abating trap 345*340*570mm 345*340*570mm 345*340*570mm 345*340*570mm


Ultrasonic extraction of bio-Nano (ultrasonic chemical synthesis) in the ultrasonic chemical reaction, the key role is the cavitation effect of sound waves,

During the irradiation of ultrasonic waves, cavitation bubbles will form, grow and collapse in the liquid.

Off, when the cavitation bubble collapses, it produces a strong pressure pulse that covers many unique properties, such as producing high temperatures up to 5000K, pressures greater than 200Mpa, and cooling rates up to 1010K/p.

This is the source of energy for ultrasonic chemical synthesis. Kcap, Okitso, etc. added 0.5um of o.Al1/O3 powder to

In the PdLN.2N3Cl.3H20 solution, a new regulation for the reduction of Pd2 is added, and then Pd nanoparticles of about 10 nm are synthesized on the surface of Al2O2 by ultrasonic irradiation at 20 KHz.

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