ZLSC-5 Series Double Distilled

ZLSC-5 Series Double Distilled

Stainless steel electric water distiller

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ZLSC-5/ZLSC-10/ZLSC-20 Stainless steel electric water distiller

Product Feature

  • Using double directions regulate pressure valve. Make sure that steam cooling water and filling water being divided.
  • Can extract second distillation water. The cooling mode can distill single distillation water.
  • Water standard meets 2000 edition State Pharmacopoeia Standard.
  • Water supply cut protecting equipment. There will no heating when water level too low.
  • Microcomputer control system (apply to Cooling mode).
  • Equip with water, over temperature alarm and protection (only apply to Cooling mode)
  • Third class water standard for the national tab.

Technical Parameter

Parameter/Model FDZ-7A(7L/h)


ZLSC-5 (5L/h)

ZLSC-10 (10L/h

ZLSC-20 (20L/h)

Configuration Manual Conversion Automatic Controlled type
The main material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Out of water/GW 7L/h/36Kg 5L/h / 30Kg

10L/h / 30Kg

20L/h / 40Kg

Voltage/Power 220V/4.2Kw 700 x 380 x 860

770 x 380 x 860

860 x 380 x 860

Packing size (L X W X H mm) 500 x 500 1000 770 x 380 x 860

770 x 380 x 860

860 x 380 x 860

Water consumption 7:10 1:10
Water category Purified water Regular water

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Download Brochure

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