ZDJ-4B Automatic Potential Titrator

  • Large and bright screen
  • Easy to change valve and burette for integration, avoid solution mutual interference
  • Nice appearance for stirrer built-in the titrator
  • Titration transmission device adopts linear motor Design
  • With its anti-leakage device
Titration DeviceVolumetric Titration UnitRepeatability of titration analysi0.02%
Allowable error of titration capac ity10ml Burette: ±0.025ml;                20ml Burette : ±0.035ml
Resolution of butette10ml Burette: 1/10000;                    20ml Burette: 2/10000
Speed of infusion(55±10) s                                        (When the burette is full scale)
Measurement DevicePotential TitrationRange(-1800.0-1800.0) mV                    (0.00 – 14.00)pH
Resolution0.1mV, 0.01
Basic errorpH: ±0.01pH mV:±0.03%FS
Stability(±0.3mV ±bit)/3h
Temp. CompensationRange(-5.0-105.0) ºC
Basic error±0.3ºC
Power SupplyAC (220±22) V; (50±1) Hz
Dimension (mm) & weight (kg)540*490*480; 13
Standard Configuration10 ml Valve-burette, 213-01 Platinum electrode, 216-01 Silver electrode, 231-01 pH electrode, 217-01 Reference electrode, T-818-B-6 ATC probe pH buffer

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