YGDW High and Low Temperature Alternating Damp Heat Test Chamber


The temperature controller of the high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber adopts the TH7110 series wide-screen panel LCD programmable temperature controller, which can be operated at a fixed value or a program, and the operation is simple and convenient. The refrigeration unit adopts French Taikang unit. The test box is equipped with a vacuum observation window with electrothermal coating, which can effectively solve the problem of condensation in the observation window. The test box adopts the overall integrated assembly structure, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant.

Main purpose and scope of application

The high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber is mainly used to test the temperature and humidity stress of the test piece, and can be used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries.

Technical Parameters

  • Temperature range: -40 ~ + 150 ℃
  • Studio size: 400 × 500 × 500 (mm) (depth × width × height)
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤2.0 ℃
  • Humidity Range: 20% ~ 98% R.H
  • Power source: AC220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 6kW