WYV-S Digital Refractometer

WYV-S Digital Refractometer is the  leading refractometer featuring wide range, high-precision and multi-wavelength. It can fast and accurately measure the refractive index, average dispersive partial dispersion ( i e the refractive index of eight common wavelengths, including 706.5, 656.3,  589.3  587.6  546.1  486.1, 435.8  404.7nm) and sugar solution mass fraction (Brix) for transparent or translucent solid or liquid substances. The instrument has following features and functions, such as user-friendly interface, fast test speed, good repeatability, temperature correction, data storage, U disk storage and USB communication  interface.


Parameters/ Model WYV-S
Measurement Refractive index ND:1.30000-1.70000 (liquid)
Refractive index ND: 1.30000-1.95000 (solid)
Brix: 0-100%
Accuracy Refractive index ND: ± 5 x 10-5
Brix 0.01 %
Measuring Resolution Refractive index ND:  1 x 10-6
Brix 0.01 %
Wavelengths 706.5nm, 656.3nm,  589.3nm, 587.6nm, 546.1nm, 486.1nm, 435.8nm, 404.7nm
Light Source Hydrogen lamp/ Sodium lamp/ Helium lamp
Temperature Display Range 0-50°C
Magnification of the telescope objectives 5x
Display 5.6 inch color touch screen
Interface RS232/USB/U disk
Weight (Gross) 80kg
Overall dimensions 720mm x 550mm x 550mm
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