WRS-1C Melting-point Apparatus

WRS-1C Melting-point Apparatus


1) Measurement of melting point is one of the important methods of measurement of purity.
2) To be used in production of medicines, dye-stuffs, perfumes and other organic crystal substances.
3) Use PID & PWM to control the temperature
4) Automatically records the melting curve
5) It can measure three samples at the same time and calculate the average value of initial and final melting points automatically.
6) Touch Screen
7) USB and RS232


1) Melting-point measurement range: room temperature ~ 400°C
2) Setting rate of the “starting temperature”:
    50°C~400°C no more than 5 mins;
     400°C~50°C no more than 7 mins
3) Minimum digital display:  0.1°C
4) Size of the capillary:   φ1.4mm(outside diameter)φ1.0mm(inside diameter), 80mm
5) Loading height of the sample:   3mm
6) Linear heating-up rate:  0.1°C ~20°C /min
7) Repeatability: 0.3°C
8) Accuracy:

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