VX3000 Flash Measuring Machine


Based on visual measurement principle with precision image analysis algorithms, equipped with double telecentric optical
lens with high depth of field, VX3000 series of Flash Measuring Machines achieve fast dimensional measurement by one-key
operation. VX3000 series are suitable for precise dimensional measurement in the fields of machinery, electronics, molds,
injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connectors,
connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, watches, cutting tools, etc.


1. Fast, effective
1) Place the object at will without any work holder.
2) Max 512 features at once.
3) Quick and precise measurement for batch work pieces in CNC mode.
2. Accurate, consistent
1) Anybody can get the consistent results by one-key operation
2) Automatic focusing: Avoid deviation because of different focusing.
3) Automatic feature identification: Consistent results from different measurement and different operators.
3. Full functions, automatic report
1) User-friendly software, powerful functions, simple operation
2) In CNC mode, Quick and precise measurement for batch work pieces according to pre-set template by one-key operation
3) Automatically output SPC analysis report, which contains statistical values (such as Ca, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, etc.) and
control charts (such as mean and range charts, mean and standard deviation chart, median and range chart, single value
and moving range chart).

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